Our Newspaper: Summary

Miss-Lou Magazine is issued the second Wednesday of each month. Online news, commentary and features are posted every Thursday on www.miss-loumagazine.com.

Miss-Lou Magazine is printed monthly and is distributed over a 70-mile area of Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana, including Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Wilkinson counties, and Concordia, Catahoula and Tensas parishes.


The paper is a free circulation oversized tabloid paper. Most of the ads are in color. Some are in black and white. The paper is distributed in high traffic locations, including supermarkets, c-stores, banks, restaurants, hotels and tourist outlets. The paper features no less than 30 local/regional news articles in every issue. The Rinaldi Report comments on local politics. Opinion columns by provide insight into national issues. Additional lifestyle features are included. Local events are highlighted in every issue.


Our website, www.miss-loumagazine.com, includes videos of government meetings, tourist information for the Natchez area and additional features and articles not found in our print publication.

Our Newspaper: Rates

Our newspaper is distributed in high traffic locations in six counties and parishes

Miss-Lou Magazine offers lower rates than its competitors for advertising, especially when you consider that most of the ads are in color. Since we print an oversized tabloid, the 1/4 page and 1/2 page ads are quite large and the 3/4 page and full page ads are huge!

1/4 page color 218.00  1/3 page color 272.00

1/2 page color 368.00  3/4 page color 498.00

full page color 618.00


1/4 page b/w 188.00  1/3 page b/w 242.00

1/2 page b/w 338.00  3/4 page b/w 468.00

full page b/w 588.00



Custom ads from 98-$198 per month. Ask for details.

Online Advertising

miss-loumagazine.com is one of the fastest growing websites in our area. We post news and other information weekly, with an emphasis on breaking news, editorials and features that are compelling reading. Generally, we average 8-12,000 visitors per month and track our visitors by community.

As an advertiser, you can tag along and enjoy the benefits of reaching thousands of our dot.com readers.

A business card sized ad like the one seen to the right is $98 per month (2 month minimum). A photo and extended cut line or photo and description is $128 per month (2 month minimum). A full size pdf or custom created ad is $198 per month (2 month minimum). The fullsize ad can cost a little more than $198 per month, if it is overly large.

Our Newspaper: Contact Us

Peter Rinaldi, Publisher

601-431-2990  Mr. Rinaldi is available Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-8 p.m.


Email address:



Office and mailing address:

15044 Blue Marlin Terrace 

Bonita Springs, FL 34135


Shipping address (for inserts only):

329 US-82, Greenwood, MS 38930