Adams County jury finds accused murderer innocent

Judge Sanders lets Jessica Aldrige out of jail

Catahoula Police Jury passes 2nd Amendment pledge

Natchez city audit reveals deficiencies

Autopsy ordered in seven month old's death

Law Enforcement Searches for Bank Fraud Criminal

Do you know this woman? If you do, contact police or deputies with your info.

Local law enforcement agencies say this unidentified criminal has been using fake ID to pass stolen checks at local banks in the Natchez-Vidalia area as well as regionally. Criminals have been breaking into cars or raiding unlocked cars to steal checkbooks, licenses, cash, cell phones and other valuables. Keep your car locked. And don’t leave important items even in a locked car.

An Adams County jury found Arthur Moore, 46, innocent of the Jan. 2019 murder of James Henry Williams, 56. The jury deliberated five hours before reaching a decision.

Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders has again released accused murderer Jessica Aldridge from jail on bond. The accused was arrested in March 2019 for shooting and killing her boyfriend. Terms of bond include house arrest, wearing a monitor and notifying the sheriff’s office in advance of any medical appointments. The original bond of $200,000 had been lowered to $100,000 in 2020.

The Catahoula Parish Police Jury has passed a resolution declaring its parish a Second Amendment Sanctuary Parish.

The most recent audit of the city of Natchez for the year ending Sept. 2020 shows that clerks are still failing to reconcile all bank statements. They are not posting ledger entries in a timely manner, nor are they properly entering interfund loans. The city’s CPA noted the deficiencies, which were also highlighted in audits of previous years. To the plus side, the Gibson administration and the City Clerk’s Office completed compiling the information for three past due audits that should have been done during the Grennell administration but were not. All past due audits are now completed.

Catahoula deputies are investigating the death of a seven month old infant. Emergency personnel were summoned to a local home when the child was not breathing. The baby was taken to Trinity Medical in Ferriday but died. An autopsy has been ordered.

Wilkinson County will apply for an 80-20 grant with the Miss. Department of Archives and History for roof repairs for the courthouse, including repairs to the clock tower. The cost for the project is expected to be $380,000.

Adams County supervisors may spend up to $2 million to remodel Liberty Park and Chester Willis Field. They don’t have an extra $2 million in cash balances, so supervisors would probably borrow the money and issue a bond.

Wilkinson County supervisors will spend $750,000 in road repairs across the five supervisor districts in the county.

Natchez aldermen expect to spend $4 million more for their 2021-2022 budget compared to last year’s budget. Aldermen believe there will be more revenues from sales tax, gaming and more than $3 million in federal COVID grants. As a result, they’ve raised their budget to $37 million. Aldermen have also decided to apply for $300,000 in state grant funds to remodel the Canteen at Duncan Park. The mayor said the building will be used as recreation offices.

LaDOT said it will work on two major projects in Concordia and Catahoula parishes in 2022. The agency will spend $3.2 million to mill and asphalt overlay Hwy. 15 to LA 131 and US 84. It will also do an asphalt overlay on LA 3102 near Larto Lake for $3 million. Both projects will be done in the summer.

Natchez aldermen will give $100,000 to Natchez Inc. for the 2021-2022 budget year. The appropriation was made even though Natchez Inc.’s legislative authority to operate ended Sept. 30. None of our local legislators introduced a bill this year to extend the agency’s life, so the authority to operate came to an end. Natchez, Inc. will continue to operate because it has appropriations from Natchez and AdamsCounty, amounting to $275,000. It gets another $100,000 from Vidalia.

The Franklin County Baptist Association broke ground in Bude for the future home for its operations and missions outreach building. The site, which includes four acres of land suitable for future growth, will house a 40-by-75 metal-framed building, The new building will provide more room for its food ministry as well as medical equipment and supplies (for distribution), such as walkers, canes, toilet seats and shower seats.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson would like the city and the county to open a workforce development center. What the center would accomplish is uncertain, but the mayor would like supervisors, aldermen and the school district to coordinate with Alcorn and Co-Lin to improve training within the local job market. The mayor has already picked a director for the new center, who will be paid $65,000 a year.

Justin Ray Thornton, 38, of Natchez, died Sunday. In his last MMA fight in August, he was severely injured. Those injuries led to his death. Thornton was well-known in the Natchez, since he was the only professional fighter in the area for a generation.

Clayton has hired Wolfe Disposal of St. Joseph to pick up its trash. The village will be charged $19.80 per household per month for the service.

Natchez attorney Tony Heidelberg was reappointed Woodville town judge by the new mayor and aldermen.Heidelberg also serves as environmental court judge for the city of Natchez.

Malcolm Inniss of Houston,Texas, has purchased WMIS-WTYJ radio stations in Natchez. His wife, Theresa Hoskins, is from Natchez.

Franklin County held its annual tax sale and netted $82,000 in revenues for the county.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has upheld the nine year sentence given to Tommie Queen of Adams County for his conviction on three counts of dog fighting. Judge Debra Blackwell handed down the sentence in Nov. 2019. Queen is being held in the Adams County Jail.

Wilkinson County supervisors voted to extend their mask mandate through the end of October.

Harrisonburg will get $300,000 in state and federal funds to establish a riverfront park, which will be called Steamboat Park.

Harrisonburg's Spirits on the Hill will be held on Friday and Saturday, Nov, 5-6. Tickets to the cemetery tour and dinner are on sale at https://voh-service-league.ticketleap.comThe Harrisonburg Service League sponsors the event as a fundraiser. Spirits on the Hill is similar to Natchez's Angels on the Bluff, where locals act out the parts of the deceased residents of the cemetery.

Darnel Vannoy has been appointed as the new warden for the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility. Vannoy has held management positions at the Jackson, La. prison and Angola before taking this new job.

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Job losses continue for Adams-Concordia

Natchez public schools online learning fails

Concordia deputies arrest cyber stalker

Woodville aldermen permit homecoming parade

Natchez man killed walking on I-55

Vidalia Mayor Corrects the Record

Mayor Buz Craft may work out a new deal with Natchez, Inc.

Vidalia Mayor Buz Craft said the press misstated his concern about continuing to fund Natchez, Inc. Both the Democrat and Miss-Lou Magazine took our reports from the mayor's statements in the aldermen's meeting, which questioned whether Vidalia's funding for the Natchez agency should be continued, as the mayor said he wasn't informed on a regular basis as to what the agency was doing. Craft says he's worried, now that Natchez, Inc. no longer has a Concordia person on board as an employee (Heather Malone has taken a new job and left the area), whether the agency will actually look out for Vidalia's interests.

The Miss. Dept. of Employment Security says Natchez-Adams County has 9,460 workers employed, down 20 jobs from a year ago. The community has not recovered from its pre-pandemic levels of employment, when it reached 10,400 jobs in early 2020. The jobless rate remains higher than normal now at 9.4%. The Louisiana Department of Labor says Concordia Parish also had job losses. Its jobless rate is 5.9% and 6,514 people are currently employed, down 28 jobs from a year ago. Concordia's current employment levels are down approximately 50 jobs from pre-pandemic levels.

Natchez school district officials admit their online-virtual learning experience for students was a huge failure during the pandemic months, when students learned from home. Not only did students do poorly in comparison to their statewide counterparts, Natchez students' proficiency fell farther behind the statewide averages for math and language arts. The district said a lack of high speed internet in many homes caused learning problems as did students' failure to actually log on to do their work. The Natchez schools will hire what they call "interventionists" to help students and sponsor after-school tutorials to attempt a remedy. As many as 20% of students in some Natchez schools did not participate at all in online learning for the entire pandemic school year.

Concordia Parish deputies arrested Roger Trace Cross, 56, of Monterey for cyber stalking a woman. He was also charged with felony obscenity after sending the woman unwanted pornographic photos and vulgar messages. Digital phone records were seized.

Woodville aldermen voted to give a parade permit for the Wilkinson County High School homecoming parade for Oct. 8. Aldermen were a bit fearful that violence could erupt because high school students have been involved in shootings and fights. The school superintendent expressed no objection to the parade, saying it was up to parents if their children should participate.

The Miss. Highway Patrol said Dustin Mathis, 41, of Natchez, was walking along I-55 in Pike County Tuesday night, when he was struck and killed by a passing truck.

The Natchez Junior Auxiliary is shutting down its services and will donate its Duncan Park Canteen to the city. The city will use the property for recreation offices.

Antebellum homes and special events scheduled through Oct. 23 during Natchez's Grand Fall Pilgrimage. For info and tickets, go to

Franklin County schools will return to totally in-school education in October, since COVID has eased.

Natchez aldermen and Adams County supervisors agreed to pay their part time pool director, Fay Minor, $33,512 a year, plus benefits and retirement, instead of the $60,000 a year they were paying her. The politicians said they will spend $36,000 a year total for additional part time help, including a secretary and lifeguards. The negotiation saved the city-county recreation pact, which had expired.

Concordia deputies arrested three armed robbers who held up a c-store outside of Ferriday. Those charged and jailed include Dezmon Bowman, 21, Dontarious Bowman, 21, and Zhane Green, 22, all of Ferriday.

Spirit Reins held its 5th annual 5k run, pancake breakfast and first co-ed softball tournament in Harrisonburg to raise money for its mission work. The events were attended by several hundred people.

Federal Judge David Bramlette recently sentenced convicted drug dealer Kevin Singleton, 44, of Natchez, to 35 years in federal prison for dealing cocaine, heroin, meth. When Singleton was arrested in 2018, agents seized $1.1 million in cash and firearms used in his drug dealing. As a prior convicted felon, Singleton was prohibited from possessing a gun. In a lesser case, Bramlette sentenced convicted drug dealer Ricky Oneal Wright, 58, of Woodville to five years and five months in federal prison for dealing five grams of meth. He was also fined $1,500.

Southwest Miss. Mental Health will open an eight-bed mental health crisis stabilization center in November at 150 Jefferson Davis Blvd. in Natchez. Since there are currently no mental health beds for the indigent in the Natchez area, the center will be able to provide needed in-patient short term care for those afflicted by substance abuse, depression, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns and other issues.

The Franklin County School Board said it would apply for $2.8 million in COVID funds from the federal government.

Natchez police are looking for Jeremy Moon, 34, who engineered a break in at a Woodville Drive, Natchez, home. Moon used a knife and a gun in the robbery, tying up and beating his victim, the owner of the house.

Tyler Reese Tritt had been scheduled perform at the Homochitto River Festival this fall, but has had to cancel. Festival organizers have secured Ronnie McDowell as a replacement headliner for the Oct. 23 concert. The festival will take place in downtown Meadville.

The Concordia Parish Police Jury has requested the minutes and other documents from the Concordia Council on Aging. Jurors did not express publicly why they wanted the minutes.

Adams County Ssupervisors will keep their millage rate the same for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1. Taxes on your home or business could still increase, if the tax assessor has reassessed its value.

Special Election to Be Held in November

Adams County will choose a new tax collector

Adams County will hold a special election in Nov. 2 to fill the slot left by the death of Adams County Tax Collector Rose Patterson earlier this year. Candidates for the post include Terrence Bailey, Calvin Butler and Glen Harrison. Tammy Witherspoon resigned her State Sen. Dist. 38 seat to become mayor of Magnolia. Kelvin Butler and Gary Brumfield are candidates for that post.

Nash Sanders is Natchez’s new animal control officer. He has been employed in the city’s public works department over the past two years.

Seeds of Change expects more than 200 bikes to come to Natchez for its third annual Bikers' Weekend on the Bluff Oct. 1-2. The event benefits the homeless.

Natchez police arrested Lemichael Floyd, 24, and Alexis Williams, 28, after they went to a residence on Alice Lane, argued and opened fire on the woman who lived there. Both attackers were jailed on aggravated assault charges. The victim apparently was not injured.

Concordia voters will go to the polls Nov. 13 along with statewide voters to consider four constitutional amendments. #1 would streamline sales tax collection. #2 would allow state income tax paid to be deducted on your federal tax return. #3 would allow levee districts to assess up to 5 mills in property taxes for flood protection. #4 calls for state and local public agency deficit reductions in budgets to be increased from five to 10 percent when statutorily required.

Natchez police arrested Javontae Barnes, 29, on Tuesday, after he allegedly robbed a man Sunday near North Union Street. The victim said Barnes robbed him of everything he had, except the boxer shorts he was wearing. Barnes used a gun to commit the crime. Barnes has been arrested in the past for assault, robbery, possession of drugs and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Ferriday will hold a clean-up day Oct. 16 beginning at 10 a.m. Volunteers are welcome. Call town hall to sign up

The village of Ridgecrest hopes to secure $223,000 in federal funds to build a new sewer lift station on Ferriday Drive.

Evergreen movie producers just finished shooting a Christmas movie in Natchez for presentation this season on the Hallmark Family Channels ad now say they will shoot a second Christmas movie in town this fall, tentatively titled, "Christmas in the Quarter."

Woodville aldermen may use Lee Dixon as the town's municipal judge. Aldermen already employ Tony Heidelberg as judge. A final decision has not been made as to who will get the job.

A group of senior citizen men were playing cards at Jet’s Bar, 42 East Franklin St., Natchez, Saturday night. Shots were fired outside on the street. Two of the men inside were slightly grazed by bullets. Police are looking for the assailants.

Jonesville Mayor Hiram Evans said he would like to bring broadband internet coverage to Jonesville and all of Catahoula Parish. Approximately 2000 homes in the parish need to be served. Federal monies are available for the upgrade.

Crosby Mayor William T. Hall won a re-election runoff and will serve another four year term.

Natchez police arrested Willie Knighton, 65, for failing to register as a sex offender. He has been convicted of sexual battery and/or rape twice. And he was living too close to a school or daycare as prohibited by law.

Louisiana prison officials cancelled this October's Angola prison rodeo due to COVID.

Adams County deputies said Eric Minor, 27, fell off the fishing pier at Natchez State Park Saturday evening around 8 p.m. and drowned.

A Natchez man dropped his handgun as he was entering his home. The gun discharged, wounding him. Police say the man is recovering in a Jackson hospital.

Concordia schools have received more than $5 million over two years in COVID funds from the federal government. The monies have been used for salaries, building improvements and maintenance.

The number of new COVID cases is not as great as it was in August. AdamsCounty reports 264 cases Sept. 8-21 and Concordia Parish 163. 26 people have died of COVID in August and September in Adams County and 12 have died in Concordia of COVID during the two and half month outbreak.

Meadville approved a new town budget of $760,000 for the coming fiscal year, expecting a $6,000 surplus.

Franklin County supervisors approved a $6.25 million budget for the fiscal year starting October 1, with a 6 mill property tax increase. Only a little more than a mill is dedicated to an increase in school district expenses.

Woodville police arrested two men for a drive by shooting, Robert Brown, 20, of no known address, and Derrick Wells Jr. 22, of Woodville. Police stopped their car after the men allegedly targeted a man they knew, peppering his car full with bullets near the Stop and Go on Natchez Street. The man attacked was not injured. Each of the assailants was arrested and placed on a $251,000 bond. Police are still investigating a second shooting incident that occurred after football practice at Woodville High. Shots were fired on S Street. Both parents and students reported the gunfire. No one was wounded.

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Armed Robber Now Arrested for Murder

Danzel Washington, 19, o Ferriday, was arrested for armed robbery in June. Now he has allegedly shot and killed a man.

Ferriday police arrested Denzel Washington, 19, of Ferriday, and charged him with him with shooting and killing Felix Johnson, 55, a the corner of Georgia and Third Streets. The men had argued. Judge Kathy Johnson set Washington's bond at $275,000, despite his recent armed robbery of a c-store earlier this year in town.

Adams County deputies arrested Lavelle Ikard, 24, for allegedly beating a horse with a knotted rope and riding the animal until it collapsed on Wednesday on Lee Road near U.S. 61. Ikard is charged with malicious injury to an animal and is being detained at the Adams County Jail on a $50,000 bond. Deputies secured vet care for animal, but were unable to save it. The horse was later found out to be stolen from Franklin County. Ikard was then charged with theft of livestock as well.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson said he has set 3 p.m. Friday this week for a special meeting of all interested persons in the community's animal welfare needs. The mayor said he been contacted by residents concerned about vicious and roaming dogs. The meeting will be at 3 p.m. at City Council Chambers.

Vidalia's Mayor and Board of Aldermen approved a $2.5 million hydro rebate to be paid to individual and business users of their town utility. The new rebate almost doubles last year's rebate of $1.3 million.. Hydro fund cash flow has improved significantly, which allows the mayor and board to increase the rebate. For some homeowners, the rebate could total 45-50% of their annual electric bill.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson said the city's current fiscal year budget is $33.5 million and should show a $900,000 surplus by year's end. Aldermen will pass a new budget for the FY year starting Oct. 1, expecting to spend $33.8 million. No new taxes are planned.

The COVID infection rate is slowing across in Adams-Concordia but the Delta variant outbreak has added more than 1000 cases of the virus to local tally with more than 25 additional deaths reported in the last two months.

Natchez High was closed on Wednesday this week because of a bomb threat. No bomb was found. A Natchez policeman directing traffic at the scene was injured and hospitalized after an Adams County patrol vehicle hit him, leaving the scene. The officer is recovering.

The Concordia School Board passed a budget of $57 million for the coming year, which includes actual spending of more than $60 million, with a $3.5 million deficit for extra spending on projects like the Monterey Gym. The gym has gone over original estimated construction cost because of work delays, construction problems and management oversight snafus.

Newly elected District Attorney Shameca Collins asked for received the campaign support of George Soros foundations during her election run, and is now living up to her campaign pledge to get lower bonds for defendants charged with serious crimes. The Woodville Republican noted that Collins charged Tamara Long of Woodville with shooting and murdering one woman in August and wounding of another victim, following an argument. The murder and assault aggravated assault charges could normally result in a bond of $500,000 or no bond at all. However, total bond in this case was set at $100,000. Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders formally set the bond with Collins' participation.

Ridgecrest's mayor said construction should begin within 30 days on the tie-in between Ridgecrest water and Ferriday water, as materials have arrived on scene for the work.  A new water line will be installed along Vidalia Drive. The village will also get a new handicap bathroom at village hall. radio controlled water meters and a new above ground water storage tank. The town also gave its waste contract to Waste Pro for the next five years. Cost will be $12.44 per month per household for pickup. The village also decided it will have its own Christmas parade this year.

An inmate death at the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility is under investigation, with the prisoner's body sent to the Miss. Crime Lab for autopsy. Authorities said they where unable to revive Charles Spencer of HornLake when summoned to his aid at the prison. But the press release did not say just exactly why Spencer died.

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor says Clayton's turnaround of finances has been impressive. The auditor says Mayor Wilbert Washington has done an outstanding job and extraordinary supervision and management should be provided by the state. The town can do its work on its own.

A group of Jonesville volunteers will solicit community support, with Mayor Hiram Evans direction, to see how the town could spend a $255,000 community parks grant. Jonesville has been allocated the extra funds.

Ferriday police arrested Richard Martin, 53, of Ferriday, and, charged him with the second degree shooting murder of his wife, Tonya Campbell, 52, at a residence on Alabama Avenue.

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors will now allow Brown Sugar Plaza in Eddiceton to sell beer at its convenience store. The business consists of a diner, sports bar and c-store. However, patrons will not be able to drink from open containers on premises, since a church is located nearby.  Supervisors also decided that heavy-hauling log trucks must be specially permitted for $300-$400 each, since the trucks and trailers tear up local roads.

Bude's new water meters have been installed, but the computerization software was not up to date. As a result, some residents' bills showed they owed past due monies, when actually, the customers had paid their bills timely.

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Tropical Force Winds to Hit Natchez Area

Expect rains, wind and flooding. Worst of the storm will be in South Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida is expecpted to come ashore as Category 4 storm along the South Louisiana Gulf Coast late Sunday night or early Monday. Natchez remains in the path of the storm and could experience tropical storm winds of 39-74 mph. Expect windy conditions, heavy rains, flooding and power outages.This is a slow moving storm. The Miss-Lou area should feel the immediate storm effects for up to 12 hours.

The CDC said this week that 48.3 percent of Adams County residents have received at least one vaccine dose, while 38.8 percent are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The Miss-Lou continues to suffer from a moderate-major outbreak with 20-50 new virus cases reported daily in Adams-Concordia. Fourteen Adams-Concordia residents have died from the virus in July and August.

Adams County reported 9,550 workers employed in June.  In July, the number dropped to 9,510, a loss of 40 jobs. The jobless rate for July was 10.5%. The local economy has failed to recover from its pre-pandemic level of 10,400 jobs of early 2020.

The Concordia Parish Police Jury is looking at sites in Frogmore and Monterey for a trash compactor. The jury will apply for a grant to fund the compactor and some waste removal.

Southwest Mississippi unemployment rates remain high. Adams County is 10.5%, Jefferson 19.7%, Claiborne 13.7%, Franklin 8.6%, Wilkinson 15.5%, and Amite 9.3%.

Jadarrius Reed, 23, of Natchez, has been arrested by Natchez police for the shooting murder of Kelvin Abraham earlier this month. Reed is in the county jail. No bond has been set.

Natchez aldermen passed an ordinance that prohibits the sale of drug pipes and other drug paraphernalia at local stores. A violation of the new law is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of up to $500.

The corn harvest is more than 70% complete in Concordia Parish and farmers are rushing to finish the task as Hurricane Ida approaches. Corn yields and quality have been good this year, despite hit and miss rains. Some soybean acreage is beginning to be harvested. The cotton crop is behind in its growing season, which will mean a later harvest.

The city of Natchez will not increase property taxes for the coming year. Your tax bill could still increase if the county tax assessor increases the value of your home or business property. The school board has said it will not ask the supervisors for more money this coming year. Supervisors have not said whether they will follow the example of the aldermen and school board.

The Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office arrested Tavion Byrd, 23, of Clayton for allegedly selling drugs at the Villa Apartments in Ferriday. Deputies seized 2.25 lbs. of marijuana, a handgun with an extended magazine, digital scales and $1.300 in cash. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm while in possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stan Smith, 66, of Natchez has died. Stan was the owner of Stan's Rock N Roll Bike Shop, a legendary guitar player and vocalist in the Natchez music scene and also one of the better teachers of guitar in the Miss-Lou area. He brought many people into his passion of his later years, biking. And he also expanded his talents in photography. His family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for funeral expenses.

The Vidalia Police Department honored officer Ricky Williams for his 37 years of service with the presentation of a plaque. Williams has been suffering from a few ailments recently. But his spirit is strong and his years of dedication were remembered and appreciated during the ceremony.

Natchez police are looking for Khadijah Mosby, 28, who is wanted for a shooting on Lafitte St. in Natchez on July 28.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson wrote a commentary in which he says the economy is turning around. The mayor said, "This week we received payment for our July sales tax of over $500,000. We have now surpassed $500,000 four months in a row – a city record and very likely the strongest sales tax performance in the state on a per capita basis. On Aug. 11, we announced that a leading southern energy company, Delta Fuel, is moving their headquarters to downtown Natchez – over 50 high-paying jobs. They are now embarking upon a multi-million dollar renovation of the historic CallonBuilding. On Aug. 16, we broke ground on a $1 million renovation of the historic depot on Broadway, soon to become the finest farm-to-table restaurant on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. On Aug. 19, we celebrated the announcement of a $24 million renovation of the historic Eola Hotel in the heart of downtown Natchez, to include a parking garage, new downtown retail space, and the development of new restaurants by renowned NOLA Restaurateur Dickie Brennan. Also on Aug. 19, we met in Jackson with Governor Tate Reeves, his economic development team, and the CEO and VP of Velocys, an international technology company, to discuss a deal that is now in the works to build a $1.5 billion bio refinery-plant at the Belwood Industrial Park – one of only two such facilities being built in America to produce sustainable aviation fuel using timber resources." The mayor's quoted numbers on Velocys development may be in error. The company is very small and losing money. Whether it can actually invest $1.5 billion is uncertain.

Natchez friends and family of Barry Huff have set up a Go Fund Me page to benefit he and his family, as he needs a double lung transplant. Huff lived in Natchez in his youth and became a LincolnCounty sheriff's investigator, a job he continues to hold. Please consider donating to this officer in need.

Franklin County Schools are limiting the amount of time kids will spend in the classroom, with the establishment of virtual learning days. On some days, kids will stay home from school and learn by computer. It's  hoped the practice will lessen the children's exposure to COVID. The school board says it intends to apply for federal grant funds to use to fight COVID. Those funds can be used for HVAC systems and construction improvements.

Catahoula Parish Sheriff Toney Edwards begun outfitting CPSO patrol vehicles with ZOLL automated external defibrillators, commonly known as AEDs. The ZOLL AEDs will eventually be in every patrol car.

AT&T is in the process of installing fiber optic cable in Jonesville. The installation will improve customers' upload and download speeds.

The 2020 Census showed Catahoula Parish has lost 14% of its population in the last 10 years. Just 8,906 persons now live in the parish.

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