Sam King is Ferriday's new chief of police

Ferriday and Ridgecrest under advisory

Adams County deputies arrest shooter

Betts replaces Gardner as Mayor pro tempore

Accused murderer still on the loose

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School District Will Shift Students to New Schools

The Natchez school Board will close Frazier School next year.

Natchez school officials will close Frazier Elementary and move its 400+ students to Morgantown Elementary. The 600+ middle school students at Morgantown and Robert Lewis will be moved to the old but remodeled Natchez High. Natchez High and Freshman Academy students will be moved to Robert Lewis temporarily until the new high school is ready in late October. The school board will hold a public meeting May 17 to discuss the changes.

Sam King has been named as the new Ferriday Chief of Police. King has served as a law enforcement officer with Ferriday, Vidalia and Concordia Parish.

Ferriday and Ridgecrest are under a Boil Water Advisory due to equipment failure at the Ferriday water plant.

Phillip Stokes, 16, of Natchez, has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after he shot at a vehicle. Adams County deputies said he was arrested as and will probably be tried as an adult. Bond was set at $200,000.

Vidalia aldermen removed Robert Gardner as mayor pro tempore and chose Jon Betts to replace him. Gardner was recently convicted of misdemeanor theft for misusing town supplies for his own reelection campaign.

Woodville police summoned Adams County deputies and Natchez police to track down a suspect accused of shooting two people. Jacory Carr, 24, is wanted for shooting and killing a man in Centreville and wounding his girlfriend In Woodville. He also shot at a police officer who was trying to apprehend him.

Natchez Alderman Billie Joe Frazier accused the city and Mayor Dan Gibson of being racist toward the repair of restrooms at North Natchez Park and Duncan Park, accusing Gibson of ignoring bathrooms on the north side of town. The two men yelled at each other during today's aldermen's meeting. Frazier has repeatedly accused the city of being racist against blacks in recent years, even though the majority of the board of aldermen has been black over the last six years. The mayor said all city park bathrooms and parks will receive repairs. The aldermen had previously unanimously agreed on the list of repairs for all parks.

Two men got into an argument inside the Jr. Food Mart in Woodville. Roger Smith, 77, of Woodville, retrieved a shotgun from his vehicle, with the intent of shooting Freddie Davis Jr., who was still inside the store. The two men wrestled over the gun. The gun went off, blowing a hole in the ceiling. Davis got the gun away from his attacker and pursued Smith outside. Smith got into his car and tried to run over Davis. Davis was knocked down by the car but escaped into the store, still holding the shotgun. Police arrived, took the shotgun and arrested the attacker Smith for aggravated assault and discharging a weapon in the city limits.

The Vidalia Police Department arrested Dorian Guillot for simple burglary and simple criminal damage to property for the burglary of Sportsman’s Fish and Grill restaurant in March. After further investigation into the matter investigators were able to locate additional evidence concerning the burglary and add additional felony charges on Guillot as well as his girlfriend, Alexia Johnston. Guillot and Johnston were located Friday evening and arrested on the new additional charges. Guillot was charged with criminal conspiracy, principal to illegal possession of stolen things and principal to forgery. Johnston was charged with criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of stolen things and forgery. Both subjects were booked into the Concordia Parish Jail.

The CPSO Cyber Crime Unit began a joint investigation with the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, into pornography involving juveniles. The case was initiated after receiving a cyber-tip from NCMEC (NationalCenter for Missing and Exploited Children), relative to a subject downloading child sexual abuse material in Ferriday. Upon positively identifying the suspect, a search warrant was executed at the residence, at which time he was placed under arrest without incident. Nicholas C. Powell, 22, of Ferriday, was charged with 40 counts of possessing pornography involving juveniles.

The Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office CID Unit began investigations in early April into multiple burglaries that had occurred parish wide. During the burglaries, the perpetrators gained access to vehicles at different times of night, at which time anything of value was taken, including cash, weapons and electronic devices. As the investigation progressed, evidence was discovered that established two persons of interest. Based on that evidence, two search warrants were executed at locations in Concordia Park and the town of Vidalia. Upon execution, Detectives recovered multiple stolen firearms from both locations, which were positively identified by the victims. Further arrests are expected and the investigation remains ongoing. Arrested were Vidalia residents Jeremy Davis, 30, and Curtavius Knight, 22. Both men were charged with illegal possession of stolen firearms, convicted felon in possession of firearms and aggravated burglary.

Country music legend Mickey Gilley has died at the age of 80. Born in Natchez, Gilley was raised in Ferriday. He was a first cousin to Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Lee Lewis.

A disc golf course will fully completed soon at Duncan Park. The Natchez Rotary Club, Rotary International and Natchez Community Alliance raised $32,000 to build the 18-hole course. The course is now open.

The Bude Board of Aldermen unanimously authorized an initial 20-year lease to River Ridge Forest Products LLC for municipally owned industrial property near the historic downtown business district. The company will pay $3,000 a year for its lease.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department announced it had added two 2022 model Dodge trucks to its fleet of patrol vehicles. The purchase had been delayed because truck manufacturers are having difficulty getting parts.

The Concordia and Catahoula police juries have redrawn and approved new district lines required by population shifts noted in the 2020 Census.

Census figures show that 27% of Adams County's 29,000 residents live in poverty. 79% of adults have a high school education or better. But median income falls much below state and national averages at $30,633. The state median income is $44,966.

Sex predator arrested again

Zion AME has big plans for plaza

Franklin and Adams counties opt in

Ricky Gray continues battle against JKS

Miss-Lou Relay for Life May 6

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Vidalia Alderman Sentenced

Robert Gardner

Vidalia Alderman Robert Gardner pleaded no contest to misdemeanor theft for the illegal use of town office supplies, equipment and personnel in his re-election bid. Judge Kathy Johnson sentenced him to six months suspended, one year’s probation, probation and court costs. He can continue in office despite the theft conviction. Not only does he serve as alderman, but Gardner is also mayor pro tempore.

Concordia Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested Walter Smith, 49, of Fayette, for computer aided solicitation of a minor and indecent behavior with juveniles. The CPSO Cyber Crime Unit began an investigation into Smith, who contacted what he believed to be a child online, in an attempt to meet for sexual purposes. During the investigation, he sent sexually explicit images to the child along with messages of an illegal sexual nature. Smith then attempted to meet the child at a location in Vidalia, after driving from almost an hour away. At that time, CPSO detectives conducted a stop on the suspect vehicle at which time he was placed under arrest. Upon further investigation, it was learned that he was in fact a current registered sex predator in the state of Mississippi, after being convicted of touching of a child for lustful purposes in 2009.

Zion AME Chapel in Natchez plans to remodel the triangle gas station area into the Hiram Revels Plaza. The church has removed the old gas tanks on the property it owns. Revels was pastor of the church and was the first black American to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Franklin County supervisors voted to allow participate in the medical marijuana law. The opt in legislation allows for the sale, possession and use of medical marijuana products. Supervisors also opened bids for the repair of Bonus and Martin Bonds roads. Alan Coleman Construction priced the project at $664,588.40, which was deemed to be the lowest and best bid received.

Adams County supervisors have also opted in for medical marijuana. Dispensaries will be allowed to locate in the county.

Engineering firm Jordan, Kaiser and Sessions of Natchez says Adams County owes it more than $300,000 in fees supervisors have not paid. Supervisor Ricky Gray has repeatedly criticized the firm for the quality of its work. He doesn't believe the county owes JKS any more money. Owner Hayden Kaiser said he expects his money and a public apology.

The Miss-Lou Relay for Life will be held May 6 at the Vidalia Municipal Complex. Events start at 4 p.m.

Natchez aldermen will ask for bids for playground equipment for parks. The city appears to be ignoring the state’s purchasing laws by saying it will not necessarily take the lowest bid price for the equipment and installation. State law requires the lowest bid be taken on major purchases unless the low bidder has a disqualification. Governments try to sidestep bidding rules when they have a preferred vendor.

Adams County supervisors may use their $5 million bond issue for more than just recreation improvements. Some of the money may be spent on computerizing documents and some on road repairs. How all the money will be spent is still uncertain.

Adams County Sheriff's deputies arrested Deontae Dison, 20, on Beau Pre Road, and charged him with automobile burglary. Some of the items he had stolen were recovered at the time of his arrest.

The Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office has adopted 911 Eye Technology through the parish 911 Communications Center allows citizens to receive a link from their 911 call to allow the sheriff’s office to view the situation through a live stream on the internet.

Clayton may have to increase its natural gas prices to residents, as market prices have increased markedly. The village will likely pass on the increases it pays for gas.

A tug towing barges hit the Mississippi River Bridge at Natchez last weekend. At least one barge was released and headed downstream to be captured later. The bridge did not suffer damage.

Concordia Parish has 6,535 people employed, up 66 jobs from a month ago and 4.6 percent jobless rate. The total number of jobs has increased by 98 compared to last year at this time.

NASA scientists said a meteor disintegrated as it entered the atmosphere over the northern part of Concordia Parish, about 30 miles north of Minorca on Wednesday. A sonic boom was heard in ClaiborneCounty across the river. Residents in the area reported seeing a fireball in the sky, even though it was 8 a.m.

Natchez aldermen will spend $105,000 to remove several dozen dilapidated homes and buildings within the city limits. Since the structures are unsafe and in very poor condition, the city notified the property owners they must repair or demolish their buildings. The owners haven't complied. The city can add the cost of the demolition as a tax lien.

The Natchez-Adams school board may close Frazier Elementary School and temporarily place high school students at Robert Lewis School until the new high school is finished. The renovation of the current Natchez High should be complete in time for middle school students to start the next school year. The new high school won't be ready until October.

Catahoula Parish voters approved the renewal of a 10-year tax levy of eight mills to supplement the police jury budget, with 61 percent of the vote in favor. Voters also approved renewals of tax levies for Fire District #4 and Hospital District #2.

The Concordia Parish School Board will hire a new principal at Ferriday High. Principal Kimberly Jackson has resigned her post.

Qualifying for Ridgecrest offices of mayor and aldermen will be held July 20-22. The election will be Nov. 8.

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The mall will be redesigned and remodeled

Tabani, owner of the Natchez Mall, will redesign and remodel the entire facility to encompass today’s outdoor/indoor shopping centers. Every store will have entry and access to parking. Belk has signed a long term renewal to its lease. The new design will attract new national and regional tenants.

The 9,870 jobs reported for Adams County in March shows an increase of 300 jobs from a year ago. The total number of jobs is still slightly below pre-pandemic levels. However, the population continues to shrink slowly. With a 5.2 percent jobless rate, the county has a much lower unemployment rate than normal.

The Miss-Lou Relay for Life will be held May 6 at the Vidalia Municipal Complex.

Natchez aldermen voted to increase water rates slowly over a five year period. Households will pay from $4-$8 per month more for combined water and sewer based on usage, with each year the rates going up. The increase will help the utility fund maintenance and improvements. Last year, the waterworks earned $5.5 million in revenues and had $6.2 million in expenses, which makes it almost certain aldermen will increase rates.

Franklin County deputies and Miss. Highway Patrol officers arrested Blaine Chambers, 34, of Amite County, for the armed robbery of the Dollar General in Smithdale. Chambers brandished a knife during the heist. While cash was taken, no one was injured. He was caught and arrested a few hours after the robbery.

Trinity Medical has resumed normal visiting hours of 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

Donald White, 71, of Natchez, was arrested by Natchez police, after he allegedly shot and killed a neighbor’s wandering dog. White was charged with cruelty to an animal and discharging a firearm within the city limits.

Consultants working with Concordia Parish Police Jury will discuss new district lines with both the police jury and the school board. The plan should be adopted soon.

The Mississippi River at Natchez will fall to 42 feet by May 10.

Adams County Sheriff's deputies reported on the afternoon of April 22, a traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle that was traveling on Highland Blvd for a traffic violation. During the traffic stop, deputies located approximately 100 grams of marijuana, 1½ dosage units of Morphine, 43 milliliters of Promethazine and digital scales. The driver was cited for the traffic violation and the passenger, Xavier Williams was arrested for Possession of Sch I (Marijuana) with Intent, Possession of Sch IV (Promethazine), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. On the afternoon of April 23, a traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle that was traveling on Hwy 61 North. During the traffic stop, deputies learned the driver, Robert Johns, had an active arrest warrant for his arrest for Contempt of Circuit Court in Lawrence County. Johns was placed under arrest. Inside the vehicle, deputies located a loaded Hi Point 9mm pistol, approximately 6 grams of Methamphetamine, digital scales, empty baggies, and approximately 4 grams of marijuana. Johns was arrested for Felony Contempt of Court (LawrenceCounty), Possession of Sch II (Methamphetamine), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle, and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Johns is currently on Probation with Mississippi Department of Corrections for a prior drug offense. On the evening of April 23, a traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle that was traveling on Hwy 84 for a traffic violation. During the traffic stop, deputies located a small amount of marijuana on one of the passengers in the vehicle, Joseph Manson. Inside the vehicle, a loaded Glock 9mm pistol that had an extended 30 rd loaded magazine was found in a back pack. A computer check revealed that the Glock was stolen from Long Beach, Miss. Deputies also located that inside the grey backpack contained ninety (90) ecstasy pills inside of a Tylenol bottle, 13 individual packages containing six ecstasy pills in each package, four individual packages containing 10 ecstasy pills each, totaling 208 Ecstasy pills seized, a clear plastic bag containing 61 grams of a marijuana, 23 individual packages of marijuana that were inside a green Crown Royal bag totaling 164 grams, 11 individual packages of a marijuana that were inside an orange Crown Royal bag totaling 124 grams, a black jar containing a marijuana, totaling 117 grams, a clear jar containing suspected THC wax, totaling 30 grams, and an individually wrapped THC edible, totaling 8 grams, a digital scale and an extra magazine with 9mm unfired rounds. A small black backpack contained a black and clear bag with marijuana totaling 8 grams, a peanut butter mintz package containing a marijuana, totaling 12 grams, and a grinder containing a marijuana. All three occupants in the vehicle were arrested. The driver, Laurence Burnett, was charged with Trafficking Sch I (Ecstasy), Possession of Sch I (Marijuana) with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of a Stolen Firearm. Charles Clark, a passenger, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Joseph Manson, a passenger, was charged with Possession of Sch I (Marijuana) with Intent to Deliver.

Kadeem Conner, 23, wanted for a drive by shooting on Red Bud Lane this past week, has turned himself in. He and five other men allegedly shot more than 20 bullets, hitting homes and vehicles in their assault. Fortunately, no one was reported injured.

The Natchez-Adams school board may close Frazier Elementary School and temporarily place high school students at Robert Lewis School until the new high school is finished. The renovation of the current Natchez High School should be complete in time for middle school students to start moving onto the campus next school year. The new high school won't be ready until October.

Woodville police did a checkpoint on 61 North for vehicle safety, driver's licenses and proof of insurance. Several dozen warnings and tickets were issued. 10 were arrested on narcotics charges.

The Franklin County Board of Education voted unanimously on Tuesday, April 19 to formally accept a low bid and move forward with several planned improvements on the lower elementary school campus this summer. Superintendent of Education Chris Kent said two bids were received for the entire scope of the project, which would remove all flooring from Franklin County Lower Elementary School and the pre-kindergarten building behind it as part of a highly-anticipated asbestos abatement initiative. Additionally, Kent noted three alternate bids were sought for the relocation of the FCLE office, renovations to a campus restroom and replacing the flooring in the elementary library.

New precincts and districts were adopted by ordinance at the most recent Catahoula Parish Police Jury meeting. The jury is elected from nine single member districts. The 2020 census determined its districts were not evenly balanced by population and new lines needed to be drawn.

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Deputies Arrest Five Men for Drive-By Shootings

Deputies arrested seasoned criminals after drive-by

Adams County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Group deputies have arrested five men for drive by shootings on Red Bud Lane on Saturday. At least 20 rounds were fired, hitting two homes and two cars. No one was wounded. Those nabbed included Reginald Butler, 28, and Javonte Butler, 23, who have been charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling and drive by shooting. Reginald Butler was out on bond for murder. Javonte Butler was out on bond for aggravated assault, fleeing law enforcement and two charges of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. Also arrested were Cameron Randall, 20, Travin Jones, 18, and Jaylen Jefferson, 19, all charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling and shooting into a motor vehicle. Cameron Randall was out on bond for possession of a stolen weapon. A sixth suspect, Kadeem Conner is being sought for shooting into an occupied dwelling and drive by shooting. Conner has previously been arrested for murder and vehicle arson.

Jessica Aldridge will enter an open plea to manslaughter and felony possession of a weapon in her May 27 hearing. The open plea is admission of guilt in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. She can get anywhere from 1-25 years for shooting and killing her boyfriend and up to another 1-10 years for the firearms violation. She has generally received special and favored treatment by both law enforcement and Adams County Circuit Judges.

New York based Saratoga Casino Holdings will purchase Magnolia Bluffs Casino in Natchez. The sale should be finalized in August or September when the Mississippi Gaming Commission approves the deal.

Concordia Parish Sheriff David Hedrick has concerns with recent Ferriday proposal to assist the Ferriday Police Department with eight officers patrolling the town. Hedrick met with Ferriday alderman Andre Keys and town attorney Philip Letard last week to discuss the logistics of the sheriff’s department assisting the town.  A special meeting will be held 25 at 6 p.m. at FerridayTown Hall to discuss the proposal. The sheriff’s office proposed a contract offering Ferriday eight officers working in two-man shifts. Ferriday would pay CPSO $44,000 a month. But Keys presented a motion last month to allow the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Department to completely take over the town’s law enforcement. At a later meeting, Keys amended the proposal from indefinitely to a year, while taking away the entire Ferriday Police Department. At that time, Ferriday Mayor Rydell Turner took exception to Keys’ request to eliminate the Ferriday Police Department.

Former Natchez financial advisor William McDonough has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for the rape of a New Orleans woman in 2016. The Orleans Parish court said he is to serve the full sentence without benefit of probation or parole. The state hasn’t said yet whether it will follow through with trials in two more sexual assaults he allegedly committed. McDonough is expected to appeal both his conviction and sentence.

Rev. Robert Bannister led services at a church in Woodville and as he was leaving, a black male asked him for a ride. Bannister complied, drove only a few blocks, when the male told him to pull over and then he robbed Bannister at gunpoint. After getting the victim's cash, the thief walked away. Police are looking for the robber. Bannister was not injured.

Vidalia Police Department responded to a call at Town Place Suites in reference to alleged inappropriate activities occurring between a female juvenile and a adult male. Based on evidence discovered, an arrest was made. Tyler L. Dayton of Denham Springs was charged with third degree rape and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

A recent incident at Vidalia High in which a student brought a gun to school in a book bag has prompted the school to install a metal detector at the front entrance.

Retired Judge Al Johnson will replace Judge Lillie Sanders while she is out on medical leave through May 26.

The contractor building the new Monterey School Gym said work should be finished by Aug.1

The Vidalia Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of former Concordia Parish deputy Walter Mackel on a felony charge of domestic abuse battery. Witnesses say they saw him choking a child. Vidalia Police Chief Joey Merrill said his department received a 911 call last week stating that Mackel was choking the boy. Mackel was fired from the CPSO when he was arrested on domestic abuse charges in October 2021. He later entered a no contest plea to disturbing the peace in February and received a sentence of six months suspended with six months of probation, pay a probation fee and complete counseling. He was ordered to pay a fine of $100 and court costs of $260.

While Adams County will receive $2.4 million from the feds for an upgrade on Morgantown Road, work won’t start until another $2 million or more can be raised by state appropriation, grant or local bond. Cost of the project will be at least $4-5 million.

Jessica Carter will resign her position as Cathedral lead administrator at the end of the school year. She plans to take a curriculum supervisor post in Concordia Parish.

Adams County supervisors will pay their county administrator Angie King $110,000 a year, since she fills the position of both administrator and comptroller.  No one on the board expressed concern that the salary might be a bit overboard. Supervisors issued comments on how they were saving taxpayers money by combining two positions.

The Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office Cyber Crime Unit began an investigation into the online solicitation of a minor, after an adult male subject initiated multiple sexually explicit conversations with what he believed to be a child, using a social media platform. During the conversations, the subject sent sexually explicit photos to the child, as well as solicited the child to send photos in return. Detectives were able to positively identify a suspect and a search warrant was executed at his residence. Arrested was Jimmy D. Clark, 65, of Jayess, Miss. He was charged with computer aided solicitation of a minor and indecent behavior with juveniles.

The remodeling of Natchez High into a middle school should be finished by August in time for school. The construction of the new high school should be completed by mid to late October.

Brothers John Roach, 35, and Chris Peavy, 26, struggled over a 9mm pistol, when Roach was shot in the stomach at their Sibley home on Saturday. Roach sustained a serious injury and was taken to Merit Health for treatment. The shooting is under investigation.

Natchez police arrested Cartrell Frye, 22, after he allegedly kidnapped a woman and forced her into a car. When Frye stopped at a c-store, the woman whispered to passersby that she needed help. A good description of the car led to his arrest and the rescue of the victim. He was arrested two weeks ago for felony eluding in a motor vehicle from an officer and was out on bond when he did the kidnapping. He also pulled a gun on a c-store customer in another incident recently for which he has not been arrested yet.

Meadville aldermen meet April 25 on whether to opt out of medical marijuana or participate. FranklinCounty supervisors will decide similarly at their May 2 public hearing.

Easter Sunday surveillance cameras showed the Breadcrumb Baptist Ministry in Jonesville was robbed two times. Both vehicles had legible license plates and all surveillance photos and videos have been turned over to the Catahoula Parish deputies. The thieves are shown below carrying items left outside of the Breadcrumb store, which uses donations to help the poor.

The Village of Harrisonburg Heritage Festival is April 23 in historic downtown. The Heritage Festival will start with a parade at 10 a.m. Then all day festival goers will enjoy a free children’s carnival that will include a petting zoo, two bounce castles and a live carousel. The Village of Harrisonburg Volunteer Fire Department will park a Fire Truck nearby so children can explore the vehicle after the parade. Lawn chairs are encouraged to enjoy the free music.

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